As the management team of Vona, we believe all our employees have a right to work in a safe and healthy work environment and return home safely at the end of every working day.

The preservation of employee Health and Safety must remain a constant consideration in every phase of our business.  We will provide the resources necessary to manage, control or eliminate all Safety and Health hazards.

We believe with a Health and Safety plan supported with written procedures, effective trainings and management’s participation, it is possible to reach our goal of ‘“zero accident work environment”.

Safety begins at the top and goes downward throughout the company. The primary goal of Vona is to create a ”zero accident” work environment in every project. By achieving this goal our company will continue operating a profitable business while protecting employees from injuries, illness or harm. This can be achieved in part by delegating responsibility and accountability to all individual party involved in our operation.


Having answers for activities and results.


The actions taken by management to insure the performance of responsibilities.

Benefits of achieving our goals are

  • Minimizing of injuries and accidents
  • Elimination of potential permanent disabilities
  • Elimination of potential fatalities
  • Minimizing the loss of property and equipment
  • Elimination of production delays
  • Elimination of potential fines
  • Having the best Health and Safety conditions possible in the workplace
  • Reductions in workers’ compensation costs
  • Reductions in operating costs