We care about the environment and the community we live in.


As Vona, we believe that:

  • Education is a right of each and every child.
  • We believe illiteracy should not be a problem in any society in the world.
  • Every child should have the chance to discover and bring out his/her passions and potentials
  • World becomes a better place by letting children make their own choices about life.

That’s why we support the education of children at school age. We provide financial support to the children in a wide range; from primary school to university.


It will be formally communicated to and fully understood by all levels of VONA organization including lower tier Subcontractors that all activities; from design to material selection; from construction methods to disposal of waste, should be carried out according to the ‘No Harm to Environment’ policy.

Vona not only selects recyclable products but also gives credit to products that has no or reduced harm to environment in the procurement process. As Vona, we believe that no construction material should be obtained in a way that has significant environmental or ecological impact

Vona has adopted a “Preservation of Water Resources Policy” and formed a set of procedures to be implemented at offices and job sites both by Vona personnel and lower tier subcontractors. By following these procedures we aim to reduce the consumption of fresh water and prevent the indirect contamination of fresh and underground water resources.


We believe in team spirit, fairplay; we believe that losing is a part of the game as well as winning and one has to work to reach a goal. We know how important sports are for one’s self-improvement, socializing and becoming benefical for his or her country.

Knowing that even the smallest support can make a change; Vona supports amateur individuals and teams/clubs. As we grow our support to sportsmen and sport will grow.