We provide equipment and process solutions for pharma/medical, automotive, appliance and packaging industries. Our services include supply, installation, startup and commissioning.

In numerous projects we have supplied, installed and completed the system integrating of many pharmaceutical machine / equipment and system solutions such as; water treatment systems, pharma water systems (PW, WFI, PS), CIP/SIP systems, solution preparation (tanks and reactors), bag making and filling lines, sterilizers, centrifuges, fluid bed dryers and granulators, mills, laboratory equipment, complete labeling, capping and packing lines etc. All the supplied systems are handed over after the completion of FAT/SAT, qualification/validation and trainings services.

Vona represents KIEFEL Technologies. KIEFEL is a member of German Brückner Group, a leading plastic processing machine manufacturer in the world and a significant company at global level for design and manufacturing of machines processing plastic film materials. Headquartered in Freilassing / Germany, KIEFEL is represented in 60 countries.

KIEFEL’s main specialty is in forming and integration technology. In pharmaceutical/medical technology, Blood Bag Machines, Urine/Colostomy Bag Machines, Filling and Enclosing Machines, IV and CAPD FFS Machines and RF Generators are among KIEFEL's products. Offering product- and process-specific applications, KIEFEL also addresses automotive, white appliances and packaging industries.

KIEFEL works as a long term partner with many giant global pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturers, particularly with the advantages of production continuity, energy efficiency, minimum waste levels and low operational costs. Many leading firms in different sectors in Turkey also work with KIEFEL machines.


Pharma / Medical
RF Generators, Filling Machines, IV Bag and FFS Machines (Thermo Contact / Radio Frequency), Blood Bag / Filter Machines, Ostomy and Urine Bag Machines, Catheter Assembly Machines,Shuttle Table KST/KSR Line, Special Applications

Forming and Laminating Machines, Edge Folding Units, Press Laminating, ASC Riveting, HF-Welding, Slush-moulding, Coated Films, Punching, Pressing, Thermoforming Simulation

Inline Thermoforming Machines for Refrigerator Inner and Door Liners


Steel-rule Cutting, Cup Forming, Upstream Equipment, Thermoforming Tools, Thermoforming, Injection Moulding and Blow Moulding Technologies